TRX Timed Circuit + Treadmill HIIT workout!

TRX Timed Circuit + Treadmill HIIT workout!


You all know I LOVE the TRX and have talked about the benefits quite a bit on my blog and Facebook posts.

You can check out my post ALL ABOUT THE TRX RIGHT HERE!

Some key reasons why I love using the TRX with both my clients and in my own training is because I love that you have complete control over the intensity of the workouts and exercises themselves. You can still build incredible strength and get all of the fat burning benefits strength training and conditioning.  The TRX is extremely versitile and scalable for ALL levels from someone who has never worked out before to the gym rat who wants to spice up their routine. The TRX Suspension trainer uses your own body weight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time.  I also love the TRX because it is all core all of the time! Take a traditional biceps curl with dumbbells and then take that same exercise and try it on the TRX–CORE IGNITED! It trains the body for complete core stability. You will be relying on your own body’s center of gravity to stay strong and focused through the movements.

Below I have a kick a$$ TRX workout for you to try! What you will need is a suspension trainer and a timer (You could obviously use your iphone, you don’t need an old school stop watch!) Remember those? Oh man…I digress.

Okay so this workout has two larger circuits that each contain 5 different exercises. The first circuit contains all exercises where you will be upright and the 2nd circuit are all exercises where you will be on the ground.

  • What you will want to do is set your timer for 3 full cycles of 40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest for a total 15 minutes per circuit. The whole workout is 30 minutes!

Below I have videos of the exercises so you can take a look at my form to make sure you are performing the exercises properly. The whole workout in its entirety is posted at the bottom of the videos. I hope that you enjoy the videos and that it helps to see exactly what you should be doing!  I know that I am a totally visual person and fully enjoy seeing someone else perform the workouts/exercises when I am trying to learn a new movement!   


TRX Circuit 2



AND for an added bonus…here is a great treadmill workout for you to print and try out for yourself! HIIT it! 


Time Speed Incline
0-3 6.0 1.0%
3-4 7.0 1.0%
4-5 8.0 1.0%
5-6 3.5 5%
6-7 7.0 5%
7-8 8.0 5%
8-9 3.5 8%
9-10 7.0 8%
10-11 8.0 8%
11-12 3.5 2%
12-13 10 2%
13-14 2.0 2%
14-14:30 10 3%
14:30-15 JUMP TO SIDES  
15-15:30 9 5%
15:30-16 JUMP TO SIDES  
16-16:30 8 8%
16:30-17 JUMP TO SIDES  
17-18 7.0 8%
18-19 3.0 8%
19-20 1.0 8%– WALKING LUNGES!
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  1. great workouts! I miss the treadmill but ever since I hurt my hip a few years back it I just haven’t been able to run! Sadd but true. Love your treadmill workouts though!

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